Removing A Part of a Capture

Sometimes you might forget to end your Capture at the right moment, ending up with minutes to hours of random conversation or white noise. However, it's easy to remove the end of a Capture by muting the end. The following video shows how to flag the portion of the audio you'd like to mute.

If you don't want a section of silence at the end of your Capture you could choose to make a copy of the Capture that doesn't include the ending. Or you could remove the beginning if there is casual chatter you might now want to have in the Capture before you share it with others. The following video shows have to Clone a Capture to only keep the part you want.

The step by step process:

  1. Put a flag a Moment on the Capture where you want to either begin or end the Capture
  2. Extend the flag using the arrows on the flag editing popup to cover the section of the Capture you want to keep
  3. Once everything is selected, click the Clone button on the flag
  4. Now you'll have a new copy of the Capture with only the selected audio

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