Search Filters

Luffa has a collection of different search filters to help you find the information you need.


Luffa auto-assigned Concepts to Captures. These are generated through semantic analysis of the content of a capture. Concepts help users search with broader terms and not have to worry about adding their own metadata to make Captures discoverable.


Enter a date so that only Captures will be returned that happened after a certain point in time.


Enter a date so that only Captures will be returned that happened before a certain point in time.


Enter a start and end data to return search results from within that time period.


Specify a day to receive results for that day only.


Put in a person's Username to receive results that are Captures created by that specific person.


Specify a Space name so that results returned with only be from that Space.


Specify which type of Capture you would like to search: Meeting (audio), Note (text), Video, Audio, Other (Presentation, PDF, other types of files).


Spaces can have labels/tagged applied to them to create categories of Spaces. Using the Labeled facet you can specify which label you would like to search within.


You can filter your search results by the language they were captured in.


Captures receive a location tag if you allow for the App to access your location data. This way you can search or Captures based on where they were created by entering a location such as a city or a part of town.


Searching for Captures where a certain person was a participant. Enter someone's Username.

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