Using your Integrations

Once you have an integration set up you can start using it instantly within your Luffa Captures when you click on the Flag button.

  1. Set up your integration of choice on the Integrations page
  2. Edit your integration setting to correspond to your Flag type of choice
  3. Choose the selected Flag type when flagging a moment on a Capture page

Each integration you create is linked to a specific type of Flag of your choice that you can edit at any time from your Integrations Settings page. In the example below the Flag type is being changed for the Trello Integration. It will now be triggered when a Decision Type flag is used.

You will see the different types of Flags appear when you click the Flag button on a Capture page. Select the one that corresponds to the type you selected in your integration settings.

Once you use the Flag type associated with an integration the Flagged moment in the timeline will have an icon to indicate the external platform that the moment is synced too.

By clicking on any of these icons you will be taken to the external platform and the card/ticket/task. 

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