Create a Public Link

When you create a Capture it is only available to the users who are participants in the Space it was created. You can then choose to move this Capture to another Space to share it with more people or you can share it with everyone in the organization by sharing it with the organization's timeline.

But sometimes you want to share captures with people who aren't part of your organizations or who you don't want to have any Flagging abilities on a Capture. You can create a public-facing version of a capture by using the 'Get Public Link' button found in the menu on Capture screens.

When you create a public link you're given a new URL that you can share with anyone you want. When they have it they'll be able to listen to a capture, see the visual wavegraph of the capture and also search through for keywords. 

When a public link is created everyone in that Space will be notified of the action, that way if someone creates a Public Link by accident someone else will notice. Public Links can be turned off at anytime. Making the public URL invalid. 

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