Using Luffa in Slack

Once the Luffa App has been installed in your Slack instance you can use some of its main features without leaving Slack. To use Luffa within Slack type '/luffa [action]':

  • Start new Captures
  • Invite users to Luffa
  • Search Luffa
  • Create a new Space
  • Install the native version of the app
  • Help with Luffa

Start a Capture within Slack

To start a Capture within Slack type '/luffa start', this will start a Capture within My Captures, your own private Space.

Clicking on the Start Capture button opens the Luffa native app on your device, and starts the capture in the corresponding Space.

If you'd like to start the Capture in a different Space you can type '/luffa start [Space Name]'.

When a co-worker starts a capture in a Luffa Spaces you have access to, you see a message in your Slack workspace inviting you to join the capture:

Luffa History in Slack

Each time you get a notification in Slack it will come from Slackbot. In that conversation, all previous Luffa notifications will be listed with the buttons to Open the Capture or to instantly start playing the important moments right from within Slack.

Invite a user to Luffa

Have a new co-worker in Slack and want them to join you in Luffa? Invite them directly from Slack by typing '/luffa invite [teammate]'.

Example: '/luffa invite @Jamie'

Search Luffa in Slack

You can quickly find past conversations without leaving Slack by using all of Luffa's search functionality from the message bar. 

Type '/luffa search [keyword]' or even search using Luffa's built-in search parameters by typing '/luffa search interviews with:John'.

Create a new Space

If you want to create a new Space from within Slack you can type '/luffa create [Space name]'.

You will also receive a notification in Slack when you're added to a Luffa Space:

Install Luffa using Slack

If you don't yet have the native app version of Luffa install on your device you can start the download from within Slack. Type '/luffa install' to start the process.

Luffa Help

If you want a quick overview of the commands you can do within Slack you can type '/luffa help' and you'll be shown a list of all of the Luffa commands.

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