Single Sign-On

To make your Luffa organization easy to access for all of your collaborators you can enable Single Sign-On. This allows users to sign into their Luffa account using their Google accounts or an email provider using SAML for user authentication. 

To turn on SSO for your organization go to  Settings -> SSO.

Once you've selected your SSO method you can follow the steps to finalize the setup. For G Suite you'll simply have to enter the domain name of your organization to allow everyone to sign on using their matching domain email addresses. With G Suite SSO enabled you will have the security of Google Accounts attached to your Luffa account (2-Step Verification, etc.). 

SAML integration is usually done by an IT member of your organization as they will need to configure the identity provided to accept requests coming from Luffa. To activate the SAML option there are a few more fields to fill out:

If you need assistance in setting up SSO for your organization don't hesitate to contact us at

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