How to improve your Capture quality

There are a few easy ways to improve the transcript quality of your captures. Below you'll find a few tips on how to best take control of your audio quality. 

1. Stay close to your microphone

The closer you can be to the microphone while capturing the cleaner your transcription will be. If you're using the microphone on a laptop make sure that it's facing towards the speaker and that there is nothing obstructing the space between the two.

2. Use an external microphone

If you have the option to use an external microphone plugged into your computer or phone, this will improve the audio quality. The audio captured from external microphones is noticeably better than what can be captured on regular laptop microphone.

The best types of microphones for meetings are:

  1. Omnidirectional, they capture the audio in all directions around the microphone. 
  2. Doesn't do any audio filtering, this means no echo cancelling or noise reduction

We've had good luck in the office testing with the Yeti USB Microphone by Blue as well as Røde Lavalier clip-on microphones. An important side note, a directional microphone can possibly make your transcript worse, so it's best to avoid those.

3. Speak slowly and clearly

To get the best transcription you'll want to speak slowly and clearly towards your microphone. This could mean putting a pause between sentences, paying attention to your pronunciation or speaking at a slightly slower pace than you're used too.

This also includes having participants in the conversation not talk over each other. The less overlap of voices the better the transcript quality will be. While pauses between phrases will give you better sentence breaks.

4. Capture from multiple devices

Another way to encourage more accurate transcripts is to record your Captures from multiple devices. If people join the Capture from their own devices, phones or laptops, Luffa will combine the inputs to cross-reference transcripts and audio captures from each device.

5. Record in a quiet room

The sound quality in a room can influence your Capture. An ideal room would be a room without echo and with good insulation to avoid too much sound entering the room from outside.

6. Monitor capture quality

On the right side of the wave graph on the Capture screen, there is a small ear icon with a percentage which increases or decreases depending on the clarity of the captured audio. You can watch this icon change from 0% to 100% to any number in between while you make adjustments for better capturing.

Another hint that Luffa provides about transcript quality during a Capture, is the ear icon that you'll sometimes see next to transcripts when moments are flagged.

This icon can be read as "Sorry, I didn't understand what you said" and happens when the predicted quality of the transcript is below 50%, which is a sign that you should try some of the listed tips to help improve the transcript quality.

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