Getting Started with Luffa

If you haven't seen the Getting Started video you can watch it below then follow the 5 steps to get the most out of Luffa.

1. Connect your calendar

Visit  Settings -> Calendars, connect your calendars and let Luffa remind you to capture your meetings so that you never miss an important moment.

2. Get Luffa Mobile

The Luffa Mobile app is an important component of the Luffa platform, so  install it on your devices and bring it to your meetings. Enjoy all the features of the desktop version without bringing your laptop into the meeting.

Luffa Mobile is available on  iOS and Android.

3. Connect to the apps you already love

Luffa is designed to easily fit into your existing workflows. To do this we made it possible to integrate with some of the most popular task management tools that currently exist. To sync with your tool of choice go to  Settings -> Integrations and select from the list.

Follow the steps presented for each tool you want to use and you’ll soon be creating tasks in your favourite platform without having to leave the Luffa capturing page.

4. Capture your meetings

You can start a Capture in an existing Space or you can being capturing in your own private Space.

Start capturing your meetings by  pressing the Start meeting button.

During the meeting, participants can contribute by  flagging moments. These are marked on the timeline and provide a visual reference of meeting highlights and key moments.

Participants can also contribute to the meeting documentation by adding  videosphotos, and notes.  There's no need to download and re-upload files: all the meeting elements are kept together, and are accessible to participants in real-time.

5. Share what you learn with the organization

Constantly capturing and sharing what you learn makes your organization more resilient. It increases trust, it makes it easy to onboard new co-workers, and lets you find who to talk to when you need help with specific topics. Once you are done capturing you can share with your entire organization or move the capture to an appropriate Space where others can find it.

Furthermore, Luffa's search engine lets you find it all in seconds.

Find what was said by using the  search box at the top of the screen. The meeting timeline lets you see results at a glance as they highlight each instance of the searched term.

How to contact us

You can contact us at any time by  sending an email to

You can also use the online  Help menu to send us comments, questions, rants, praise, and even include a screenshot.

Don't hesitate to  reach out if you have feedback, questions, or need help with anything. We are looking forward to seeing how you use Luffa.

Always be capturing,

Team Luffa

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