Searching is one of Luffa's most powerful features. Not only can you search the metadata of captures and notes but you can search every spoken word that has been captured.

You can search all Captures that are available to you from the search bar at the top of every page.

Human brains have a tendency to forget things, but we're also pretty good at remembering certain details about conversations. Maybe you won't remember what was said but there is a good chance you'll remember who you said it to or where you were when you were talking about a subject. Keeping this in mind we built our search features around the basic elements that people are likely to remember.

As you can see in the above example we searched for a type of artifact in Luffa of the type 'Capture' that was recorded near 'Montreal' and with a participant named 'Juan'.

43 different Captures found in 3 difference Spaces were found that meet those requirements.

Another way to search through past Captures if to do just a basic word search from the search bar.

In this example, we search for the word 'challenges'. We got 30 results between text documents, as well as audio from captured interviews. If you click on one of the audio recordings you'll be taken to the exact moment in the capture that the first instance of that word was said.

Luffa also has semantic searching which means that when you search for a keyword Luffa will return results with words that mean the same thing. If you search for the word ‘customer’ you’ll get results returned that have the exact match ‘customer’ but also match with ‘client’ and other synonyms.

In the above, you can see 3 highlighted moments of the word 'challenges' said in a meeting.

By using Luffa's search functionality you'll never leave a meeting worrying that you've missed an important point!

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