Adding Artifacts to a Meeting

At Luffa we understand that you want to take away more than just what was said from a meeting. This means workflows drawn on white-boards, demos, sketches or presentations. To make sure that everything involved in a meeting is kept together we made it possible to capture all types of elements as well as to add files during an ongoing Capture.

Doing so only takes a single click from within a Capture!

While a conversation is being captured you can click on the blue + in the bottom left hand corner to open a new menu.

When on a computer you'll have 3 options. Select the monitor to start a screen capture, the paper and pen to start drafting a note attached to the capture or the camera to upload an image.

On your mobile device the menu looks like a little different. Replacing the screencast button with a video camera to record a live video from the conversation.

Once a note is added to a meeting it will appear in the Timeline with a link to the notes document.

A photo captured from a mobile phone or uploaded from your computer will also instantly show up in the timeline.

By taking photos and adding notes or PDFs directly to a meeting you can have all your important related documents in one place and never have to wait for you colleague to "send you that photo" after the meeting is done.

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