Sharing Captures

When you start or finish a Capture you have a few sharing options. 

A best practice for using Luffa is to begin your Capture in an already shared space. This lets other participants join your Capture and flag moments together so that you don't need to be the only one. When a Capture is in a shared Space it also make it searchable to anyone who is in that space, so that anyone searching for key information will be able to check past captures to avoid having to call a new meeting to discuss things that have happened in the past.

Sometimes you want to keep Captures private, to do this you can start you capture in your 'My Captures' space which is the first Space that everyone has when they sign up. After the Capture is completed you can choose to share it where you like with whoever you like.

You can choose to move the Capture to an appropriately themed Space with the 'Move to...' option. Or you can use the 'Share' feature to quickly share the Capture with everyone in your organization.

Sometimes you don't want to share a whole capture with your organization. You may just want to focus on key moments. Instead of sharing the conversation in it's entirety you can choose to share just a selection from a recorded Capture.

If you click on a Flagged Moment in a capture you will be shown the above control panel. From it you can click on the highlighted sheep button to 'Clone' that moment. By doing this you create a brand new mini capture of just the selected moment, be it a few seconds to a few minutes. Cloning it creates a new Capture that you can share instead of the entire meeting.

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