Jira is a tracking product developed by Atlassian, it is used for bug tracking, issue tracking and general project management. Once you’ve connected your Jira project to your Luffa account you’ll be able to create Stories right from within Captures.

Before you can link your own Luffa account to your organization’s Jira the instance will need to be configured by a Jira Administrator. If you are a Jira administrator continue reading the following steps.

If your Jira instance has already been set up to work with Luffa you can scroll down and follow the steps for User Integration. 

Jira Instance Configuration

Step 1 - Start Jira Integration

As a Jira administrator you will need to complete the initial Jira-Luffa link for the rest of your organization to connect to Jira. Firstly, go to Luffa’s Settings page to add a new integration.

Step 2 - Add your Jira project URL

Once Jira is selected you will need to provide your Jira domain URL, which should look something like: https:// [project-name].atlassian.net

Step 3

After clicking on ‘Continue’ you will be shown a new Luffa prompt giving you information that you’ll need to set up the Jira link configuration. To start entering the information click on the ‘Application Links configuration page’ link at the top of the prompt.

Once on the Jira settings page put in the URL:  https://okluffa.com and then click on the button  ‘Create new link’.

Step 4 - Confirm the URL

After clicking on ‘Create new link’ you will be given a pop-up where you’ll need to verify the URL provided. Atlassian will say that there was no response from the URL but this is because you are still in the middle of creating the link so click on ‘Continue’ without changing the Luffa URL.

Step 5 - Create the incoming link

After the URL is entered in you will be taken to another prompt where you can fill in more information about the link. However you only need to provide a name then scroll down to make sure that the box titled ‘ Create incoming link’ is active.

Step 6 - Enter Luffa information

On the following pop-up you will need to put in the information from the Luffa tab into the right fields, Consumer Key, Consumer Name, Public Key:

Step 7 - Return to Luffa

Once the above steps are completed you will return to the Configure Application Links page with a confirmation message of the Luffa link.

Once you see this return to the Luffa tab and click the “Ok! I did this” button.

Step 8 - Grant Permission

On returning to your Luffa settings page you will be presented with one last authorization screen, click ‘ Allow’ to complete the process.

On the Luffa page you will see a yellow popup telling you that the Jira integration was successful.

Everyone else in your organization will now be able to integrate with Jira!

User Integration

Step 1 - Start integrating Jira

From the Luffa site navigate to  Settings -> Integration to start adding your integrations.

Step 2 - Enter Jira project URL

Once Jira is selected you will need to provide your Jira domain URL, which should look something like: https:// [project-name].atlassian.net

Step 3 - Grant permission

Once that is done you should be shown a Jira authentication screen.

Step 4 - Edit Jira settings

Once permission is granted you will see Jira listed on your Integrations list. From there you can edit the Luffa settings to control what type of moments link to Jira and what kind of issue is created in which Jira project.

Step 5 - Integration complete

With that all done you’ll now be able to create Jira stories from directly within your Luffa captures!

If you run into issues or need help integrating Jira with Luffa contact us at any time!

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