Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a popular project management tool favoured by developers. If your organization is using this tool you can connect it to Luffa to have Stories created right from inside your meetings, populated with the conversation happening at the moment the Story is flagged.

Step 1 - Start Pivotal Tracker Integration 

From the Luffa site navigate to Settings -> Integration and click on ‘Add an integration’.

Step 2 - Copy your Pivotal Track API token

Once selected you will be prompted to provide the API token to your Pivotal Tracker account. Click on the link at the top of the prompt which will take you directly to the page on the Pivotal website which lists your API token. Scroll down on the Pivotal account page and copy the API token. Keep this private.

Copy the long string of numbers and letters that’s listed and return to the Luffa page to paste it into the designated field.

Step 3 - Connect

Once the API token is copied in just hit ‘Connect’ and you’re ready to go!

Step 4

If you've implement the above set up for Pivotal Tracker, you will now be able to trigger the creation of a new Story by selecting the Bug moment type flag in a Capture. It will look like this when a Story is created in Pivotal:

If you click on the Pivotal icon in the feed you will be taken directly to the new story. Once there you can find a link to the capture that the Story was generated from as well as the exact moment in the conversation where this issue was flagged. Notes added to the moment are also added as a description of the Story.

With that you are free to start creating stories with just a few clicks from inside your Captures. Saving you from having to put all important moments into Pivotal Tracker after the meeting by hand.

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