Asana is a project and task tracking tool that teams can use collaboratively to follow progress and stay on top of priorities. If you are using Asana to manage your project you'll be able to create Tasks from within captured meetings.

Step 1 - Start Asana Integration

From the Luffa site you can navigate to Settings -> Integration to start adding your integrations.

Step 2 - Grant permission

If you are already signed into your Asana project in the browser you will be prompted to give permission to Luffa to create tasks in Asana. Click ' Allow' to continue.

Step 3 - Asana Settings

Once your Asana account is linked Luffa account you’ll be able to edit its settings from the Integrations list. Here, decide what Moment Type in Luffa triggers a new Task in Asana and which Asana project you want your Tasks created in.

Step 4 - Integration Complete

Once you are linked to your Asana account and you flag a Ticket type moment in a Luffa Capture you will see the Asana icon on those specific flags.

By clicking on the Asana icon you will be directly taken to the Task that was created in Asana.
With that you are free to start creating Tasks with just a few clicks from inside your Captures. Saving you from having to put all important moments into Asana after the meeting by hand!

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