Trello is a task management tool designed with simplicity in mind. If you’re using this platform you can easily connect it to your Luffa account to allow for quick card creation during meetings, helping you keep your Task list up to date.

Step 1 - Start Trello Integration 

On the Luffa site navigate to Settings -> Integration to start adding your integrations.

Step 2 - Grant Permission

If you are already signed in with Trello you will be shown a prompt to grant permissions to Luffa. Click ‘ Allow’ to continue.

Step 3 - Integration completed

Once permission is given a confirmation message concerning the link will be shown at the top of the page.

Step 4 - Editing the Integration

On the updated Integrations list click on the pencil to edit the integration settings. 

Here you can change:
  • Moment Type (ie. an Action or Task, etc) 
  • The Board on Trello where the card will be created
  • Which List on the Board the card will be placed in
In the example below you can see that by flagging an Action, a new card will be created on the To-Do list on Kylie’s Luffa To-Dos board.

The ‘Enable’ setting will be set to active automatically, but if at any time you wish to suspend the integration you can uncheck the box.

Step 5 - Synchronization

And that’s it, you’re connected! The list of integrations will read as “Not Synchronized Yet” until you flag a moment using the specified Trello moment type.

Step 6

When you flag an Action moment during a meeting the flagged moment will be mark by a Trello icon:

When you click on that Trello icon you will be taken directly to the card in your Trello board which will also link to back to the captured conversation so you can re-listen to any of the contextual conversation surrounding the issue.

With that you are free to start creating Cards with just a few clicks from inside your Captures. Saving you from having to put all important moments into Trello after the meeting.

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